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Silver in the City

Indianapolis based Silver in the City bills itself as “A gift site for everyone who isn’t everyone.” Taking this attitude into account, Young & Laramore did a complete rebrand of the store, inside out, and website.


Design Fu Mural

Yiu Studio has created a new mural  for their office. The design fuses their love of Kung Fu and quotes they embrace, which they’ve in turn dubbed, “Design Fu”.

I came so close to missing #TypeTuesday this week. However, late, here’s a small update for you. I went on Vacation and took a little bit of a digital break, other than a few moments of fun typographic finds. 


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Symbolset Specimen


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Love love love these. Letterpress is so amazing <3



Holiday Inn Murals by Tobias Hall.


Cassette Labels

UK-based illustrator and graphic artist Neil Stevens has recently created a new series of posters that are based on the minimalist designs of cassette inlay labels. 


Patten   |   http://studiopatten.com

“Visual identity for vintage bicycle restoration.”

PATTEN is a graphic design and illustration studio. Trusting in design as a starting point. We develop and expand creative content looking for an aesthetic connection. We believe in a different and connected way of working. It doesn’t matter the motive or the medium, what is important is the language of the content.

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Farewell Co.

Handmade leather goods made by Farewell Co.

Rudge-Whitworth Bicycle, manufacturers label. 

I’m in love with this type, and was a little sad that this authentic Rudge-Whitworth British Bicycle had already found a home at the estate sale I was at. It needed some serious love, but still had the original Brooks leather seat, and it sold for a mere $5. Anyways, the inline lettering looks great here. 

The joy of typing has been completely ruined by the computer. Seriously. Sure we can all type faster and let our fingers glide effortlessly across a industrial designed masterpiece (in the case of Apple), but the physical effort of punching a key is gone. These typewriters brought back fun memories of typing away on electric ones that my parents had. The physical punch provided by the mechanical movement was delightful. 

A Friday edition to Type Tuesday. It’s true, when it rains we need more Seinfeld in our life, and well, these deliciously tasty typography posters from Sign-Feld just happen to do the trick. I for one, look forward to adorning my walls with their typographic craft and wit. Thanks to @tmill4rill for the find.

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